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San Diego Workers Compensation

& SSDI Lawyer

San Diego Workers Comp Attorney Dennis Dascanio has been a vigorous advocate on behalf of injured workers for 30 years. If you have suffered an injury in the course or scope of employment, Dennis A. Dascanio, a California Certified Workers Compensation Specialist, has the knowledge to help you prevail on your claim for Workers Compensation Benefits.

Contact the San Diego Law Firm of Workers Compensation Lawyer Dennis Dascanio at (619) 338-8399 and schedule a free consultation with one of Southern California’s leading Workers Comp Attorneys! Workers Compensation clients are represented on contingency – if there’s no recovery, you pay no attorney’s fees!

Because the majority of Workers Comp Claims are routinely denied upon the initial filing, San Diego on the job injury Attorney Dennis Dascanio can most likely help you even if your Claim has been denied by the insurance company or your employer. Call and find out what measures we can take to help you obtain your Workers Compensation Benefits!

San Diego Lawyer Dennis A. Dascanio Areas of Practice

Attorney Dennis Dascanio provides expert legal counsel and representation to clients who have been injured in a broad range of work related accidents, incidents and occupational diseases, including claims brought about as a result of the following:

Workplace Accidents – All workplace accidents, including: industrial accidents, work-related motor vehicle accidents, construction site accidents, factory accidents, unsafe work environment accidents, slip & fall due to unsafe flooring.

Workplace Injuries – Injuries sustained on the job, including: arm injuries, leg injuries, torn ligaments, torn muscles, tendon injuries, broken bones, lacerations, burns, back injuries, and hernias.

Catastrophic Injuries – Catastrophic work injury representation for the injured and their loved ones. Loss of limbs, traumatic brain injury, head injuries, spinal cord injuries, severe burns, paralysis, and wrongful death.

Occupational Respiratory Diseases – Work related lung & respiratory illnesses, including: Asbestosis, Asthma, COPD, Lung Cancer, Pneumoconiosis, Silicosis.

Repetitive Stress Injuries – Injuries brought on as a result of repetitive use motions. Bursitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Epicondylitis, Tendonitis, Tennis Elbow.

If you or someone you love has been the victim of a workplace injury or occupational illness, contact San Diego Workers Compensation Lawyer Dennis Dascanio. A Certified Workers Comp Specialist, throughout the course of his over 30 year career Attorney Dascanio has helped thousands of clients obtain Workers Compensation Benefits.

Call (619) 338-8399 to make an appointment for a free consultation with a leading advocate for injured workers!

Workers Compensation Benefits Attorney in San Diego

In you have suffered a work injury, you may be entitled to a variety of Workers Compensation Benefits that will cover the cost of all medical and rehabilitative care, and also provide monetary compensation to help you and your family stay afloat financially until you are able to return to work.  

Depending upon the nature of your injuries, you may be entitled to obtain the following:

Medical Benefits

Physical Therapy

Rehabilitative Care

Cost of Travel to / from Medical Appointments

Temporary Workers Compensation Benefits

Permanent Workers Compensation Benefits

Educational / Job Retraining

Family Death Benefits

Whether you or someone you love has been injured at work, it is crucial that you contact a qualified, compassionate Workers Compensation Lawyer as soon as possible. At the San Diego Law Offices of Workers Compensation Specialist Dennis A. Dascanio, we’ve been successfully representing injured workers since 1987 and have the experience to help you obtain Workers Compensation, even if your Workers Comp Claim has been denied.

Call San Diego Attorney Dennis Dascanio for a Free Workers Comp Consultation

If you have been hurt at work, call San Diego Workers Compensation Lawyer Dennis Dascanio at (619) 338-8399 to make an appointment for a free consultation. Work Injury cases are handled on contingency – no recovery, no fee!

Attorney Dennis Dascanio has been a fierce advocate for injured workers for over 30 years! Let San Diego Workers Comp Lawyer Dennis A. Dascanio put his experience to work for you and your loved ones.

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